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Story of Eugene Fitzherbert

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Growing up penniless in an orphanage, Eugene Fitzherbert dreamed of freedom and living a care free life. Being one of the few older kids who could read, Eugene used to read the Tales of Flynnigan Rider, stories about an extremely rich adventurer. Eugene admired the fictional hero and his freedom to go anywhere he wanted.

Wanting to escape what he deemed as a worthless existence, Eugene decided to take on the persona his hero, carving out his fortunes under the alias Flynn Rider. As Flynn Rider is close to his dream of living a life of luxury and freedom, though in order to do this he ended up becoming a thief.

But that doesn't matter to Flynn. What matters is that he is one step closer to his dream. All he needs to do now his steal the lost princess's crown...

Personality: Eugene/Flynn is a duelistic character and can literally be seen as two characters in one.

As Flynn he is suave, charming, and vain. Described as a "charming" bandit,he is known to smile and yell out pleasantries towards those he has "borrowed" from, as well as those who hunt him. Flynn is a bit of a romantic, if the smoulder's success before Rapunzel is any indication. There is also a dark side to this persona that was subtle hinted at. He is not above using people's insecurities and fears against them. This is shown when he tries to use Rapunzel's feelings of guilt from running away to get back his satchel and when that fails he takes her to a pub where thugs haunt, hoping to scare her. Based on comments from the Stabbington brothers, he is capable of betraying allies.

Eugene is different. Eugene is willing to sacrifice himself for Rapunzel, and is loyal to his friends. He is a somewhat awkward. In both his personalities, he is intelligent and has a dry sense of humor. Because of Flynn's influence, Eugene still contains his fearlessnes as well as being vain.

Skills: Eugene/Flynn is a jack of all trades. He is able to talk himself out of any situation, and can con people just as easily. He is a skilled horseman and swordsman. He also seems to be a bowsman. He can scale buildings and is agile, able to land on his feet and leap from rooftop to rooftop. Last but not least is the smoulder, though this mun has trouble seeing how the ladies like it, but apparently it works (except for Rapunzel).

Description: Very handsome. Slender and wiry. Brown hair and goatee, amber eyes.

Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider is from Tangled, and is the property of Disney. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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